Saturday, 13 June 2009

She wants it...

Hi Master pain and pleasure to the highest degree is wat i need master. I am a useless cuntslave here only to please my master. I have no rights at all and should obey my Master at all times. I am not permitted to speak to my Master unless spoken to and should always answer politely. Id like to be tied up and for my master to punish me hard. To have my masters cock deep in my throat so as i gag pulling my hair as you thrust backwards and forwards. pissing on me all warm as it flows over my body. make me spread cunt wide and shock it with clicker over and over again. make me beg for you to stop but carry on anyways. use magic wand on me the vibrations so strong they make me scream. i cant use it on myself its too strong i cant hold it there. put nipple clamps on even though i hate them so much cause they hurt mega. pain to the highest master and dont stop. tortured for my masters pleasure. fuck me hard in cunt and ass with both vibrators. over power me master and do to me watever you wish to do.

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