Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A message from C**T slave

Hi Master I have to write this cause i need to.
I want my master to tear my clothes off and spank me bite me punch me. I want as much pain as my master can give.
Id like to feel your hands all over my body to feel those magic fingers roughly inside my cunt making me orgasm hard and drift off into another place. I want to be totally humiliated and violated by watever means my master feels he needs to use.
Id like to have my masters hard cock deep in my mouth i love to suck my masters cock. Hmmm i dream about my masters cock. My masters cock deep inside my cunt thrusting hard feeling pain with every rough deep thrust.
His hands everywhere deep in my cunt and ass together oh i want that so much right now i may have to go upstairs close my eyes and pretend my master is there and fuck myself mr buzz. MMMMM i tried 2 gas lighters together oh it hurt so much but it was intense and really really good cant wait for my master to do that to me. Tie me up tight master and use both gas lighters at same time cunt and ass together .
Dont stop even if i beg remember my master is in charge and i dont get a say in it. God im so horney right now and its only 9.30am.
Master im going to go upstairs and get naked. Im going to lay in my bed and im going to use mr buzz and the other one. Im going to spread my cunt and im gonna fuck myself hard in ass and cunt together. I will think of my master as im doing it.
Im going to orgasm hard and squirt everywhere cause i really need to. Please give me instructions soon master xxxx and punish me for playing with myself so early in the day hehehehehe. Punish me real hard Master cause im a bad bad cunt slave x

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