Thursday, 25 June 2009

A note of thanks

First thing i need to do is to say a very big thankyou Master for arranging today i dont think i said it in the car. Actually i felt real funny in the car i think i had orgasm overload if there is such a thing. Im still finding it hard to function right now. I had a fabulous time Master. Im sorry i coulnt pee i hope i didnt let you down i just cant pee while someone is watching it just wont come out. Im almost afraid to think about the great time i had as i think i will twitch more which isnt a bad thing but i must get back to reality. I hate to be naked Master i dont like me much and find it embarrassing but when i get into things i dont feel like i am me but someone totally different and i like the person i become very much. I feel totally alive and that i can do anything that i want to do as long as my Master says so of course. I love to be magiced Master its my most favourite thing ever. Sir mikes fingers were ok but i like my Masters magic fingers so much better you manage to hit the spot where as he is bit soft and my Master knows i like it rough. It makes me feel all light headed and very mmmm. I liked everything about today Master even being tied to the bed was good but made me feel totally at your mercy and the fear of the not knowing whether im going to get pleasure or pain makes my adrenalin pump through my body. Id like you to be rougher with me Master it felt like you sat back and watched more today and let Sir mike do watever he wanted to do. I very much liked having my Masters cock inside me while i was sucking Sir mikes cock it felt real good.. I think you are a bit mean when you put the magic wand on full speed it is so powerfull i feel like im going to pass out. The vibration goes right up through my whole body. I cant use it on myself i just cant make myself hold it there. Master you are very good to me organising these things for me it was definitely worth waiting for. I had 3 hours of complete heaven Master xx I like to have to please 2 men at same time but i dont like that cane it hurts so much and isnt a nice hurt. I was very mad at myself for using the safe word i hate to be defeated. Thankyou again for such a great time master xxx luv cunt xxx

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