Monday, 22 June 2009


Hi Master i am very excited about going to Sir Mikes house on thursday i was beginning to think he did not like me as we were not invited back for so long. I very much like to have my Master and Sir Mike to please at same time. I need to be punished real hard Master as i have been very disobedient towards you lately cause i have not been able to get my own way. I dont really like to be naked but i know that i have to do as im told. Id like to have both my Master and Sir Mike piss on me at same time to feel it all warm as it flows over my body. I like to be over powered Master and degraded and made to feel like i have no say what so ever in what is happening to me. I will bring all my toys as requested Master but the magic wands vibrations are so powerful when you have it on high speed that i feel im going to pass out. Id like you and Sir Mike to be rough Master i dont like all the softly softly crap. Pull my hair slap me spank me. To have hands roughly invading every inch of my body wanting to orgasm but not allowed untill given permission to do so. To have my pussy slapped and bitten and those electric shocks all over. I need to have cock in my mouth Master to feel you pull my hair as you thrust it deeper and deeper into my throat making me gag and choke. I am very greedy slave as you know Master and i want everything over and over. Humiliated degraded and belittled to feel like i am worthless just there to please you both. Thankyou for listening to me Master

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