Friday, 25 September 2009

Respondants to our gumtree ad!

Hi all, thank you for replying to our gumtree ad.
In case you dont know, we are male - pro dom and female - slave.
Currently my slave is available for you to borrow to do as you wish when you wish. No holes barred in any way shape of form. If you have a deep dark fantasy then you can live it our with my slave.
Make no bones about it, i will be present at all times but you can have her to yourself whilst i discretely lurk about the house or we can work her together. You decide.
So what in the mix? well.....
tit play
pussy play
ass play
water sports
electro play
vibro and magic wand play
public play
Role play any type you name it - and it will be arranged
group play
lesbo play
and anything else you want to do - There is one limit! No Scat!!!!!!!! But apart from that there are none.
We can play at your or at ours in a small dungeon.
We respect that most of you are married and can only do daytime well look here we are happy to do daytime's! (I personally could only do daytimes once and i know how difficult it is! So we are happy to help you out during the day.) But dont forget we can do evenings too.
Remember, my slave goes nowhere nor will she do anything unless i am present. (in the same property) Allow me to join in and you will get a discount!
We dont charge for our services save to say you pay our expenses! £125 for 2 hours of complete satisfaction reduced to £95 if you will allow me to join in.
We offer and in return expect complete confidence.
I think the post covers most of the questions asked in the dozens of mails we have had.
Thanks for reading. If we can help you, please make email by return from the email that bought you here. The comments thing does not work as i thought it would and i will get back to you as soon as possible. Dont worry your comments will not be published!
Finally if you want my slave to perform in a video, let me know what she needs to do and i will arrange it.

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