Sunday, 2 August 2009

I have total control! Not prompted in any way! My slave will do anything i say.

Master i need you to give me some good hard tough training. I want you to use me and abuse me big time. I want to be treated like a nothing just for your pleasure. I need you master. I want to be bound and gagged and used as your play thing. I want your cock deep deep in my throat as you pull my hair as you thrust it in and out. Oh i wish you were here right fact i wish you were always here. I want pain and pain and more pain it makes orgasm so so intense. Id like to be tied master and have underwear torn from my body and for you to spread my cunt wide and for you to give it pain anyway you wanted and i will thankyou for doing so. I want to be made to do everything my master requires me to do. Im not allowed to say no to my master and must always obey everything he tells me to do. To be humiliated and belittled just because he wants to. I need you master luv c.nt x

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